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The new addition to the Mighty Bear poster lineup was created for your new addition! As you may have noticed, there seems to be an overwhelming fondness for comparing a growing baby's week-to-week size to something from the produce section. This is cute and all, but quite generic; and moms to be who train Strongwoman are anything but generic.


If you find a diamond of bar knurling more relatable than a pomegranate seed or a circus dumbbell more exciting than a rutabega, this is the poster for you.


Oh and when it's time for that baby to start learning the alphabet, you'd better believe I've got you covered from Axle Press to Zercher Squat right HERE.


Printed on professional photo paper with a lustre finish and available in four standard sizes.


If you select a custom background, please email me the color, idea or image you have in mind to


Frame not included.

Strong Baby Size Chart Poster

  • Certain colors and shirt styles rotate seasonally and may not be available at all times. This doesn't happen often and I try to update product pages quickly to reflect changes as they pop up. If an item in your order is affected, I'll follow up right away with substitute options.

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