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Rep the Sport, Grow the Sport, Bestow the Sport
Passions forged early tend to stick. The Mighty Bear Prints mission is to drive Strongman and all strength sports further into the mainstream by helping you inspire the next generation of athletes and fans. The Strongman tribe is loyal, dedicated and close knit. I have a feeling one big reason why is because it's full of families. When it comes to instilling work ethic and leading by example, you're doing all the heavy lifting. I humbly volunteer Mighty Bear to add to the hype.
Contest Amenity
The Mighty Bear Prints Demo Booth is packed with a medley of custom built mini implements. There's something for every kid, plus photo op props, a coloring table, giveaways and more.

Informational Resource
The website is more than just an online store. There's a directory of youth Strongman opportunities like classes and comps, a DIY guide for building mini implements and I will be adding a library of academic references on youth strength training safety and benefits soon.

Youth Comp Sponsor and Host
More kids' Strongman events are popping up all the time and I do my best to support a few each year. Keep an eye out for the inaugural Mighty Bear comp coming to the San Antonio TX area in 2025. Grow the sport, bestow the sport!

Creative Brand
Original designs for apparel, posters, books and other gifts for every milestone and member of the Strong(wo)man family. I always accommodate custom orders the best I can as well so feel free to message me with special requests. All sales go straight back into improving the booth and sponsoring more events.

And of course, the happiest social feed in the Strongman game. Scroll through the Mighty Bear IG without smiling, I dare you. 
The Mama Bear Behind Mighty Bear
Hi, I'm Paige. I grew up playing sports, threw javelin in college, studied biomechanics in grad school, worked in military gait rehab research and then as a personal trainer to wounded veterans. You could say I have a unique appreciation for strength in all its forms.
It wasn't long after I became a mom that I realized there wasn't much out there modern Strongman-related for kids to wear or hang up in their rooms. What a rip! So began the Mighty Bear Prints project. Now, I spend my days chasing little feet and making sure all our strong cubs can show off the sport and make it their own.
I'm so glad you're here. Welcome to Mighty Bear Prints, where "A" is for Atlas Stone.​

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